Perfection in Every Turn Since 1963

For 60 years Diskit has been producing high quality backup pads and accessories for all abrasive uses.

All pads feature metal backers and our proprietary foam for extra strength and support on your toughest jobs. We partnered with VELCRO® to provide the strongest hook connections to your abrasive.

From rust removal to light buffing on paint, our various foam firmness levels can support any application. Get the best performance from your tool by choosing one of our pads below.

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  • Molded in America

    Diskit pads are proudly hand-molded in the USA by our family, friends, and neighbors. We strive to source all components from the USA, doing our part to invest in American manufacturing and communities.

  • Magnesium Hubs (Mag Hubs)

    We use magnesium hubs on all of our products to increase strength, durability, and longevity. Magnesium is also the lightest of all structural materials, with a high strength to weight ratio. This allows for increased RPMs without sacrificing strength. Magnesium is also 100% recyclable. Please click here to learn more about recycling magnesium.

  • Specialized Chemistry

    Over our 60 years of molding foam, we have developed many proprietary formulations, allowing us to offer a variety of firmness levels with our pads. We specialize in durable soft foam, increasing flexibility while not compromising on strength.

  • Long Lasting

    Due to our proprietary foam, magnesium hubs, and high quality, made in the USA components, our pads outlast the competition. Many customers operate with the same Diskit pad for years. Diskit pads are built to last.

  • Customer Call

    "After a year, I finally need to replace my pad."

  • Survey

    • 100% of survey respondents rated Diskit pads 4 - 5 out of 5 stars.
    • 2/3 of respondents rated quality as our top strength.
  • Online Review

    “Worked great, only took half a minute to go through a 1 ¼” granite top.