Selecting a Pad

There are a few factors to consider when searching for the perfect Diskit pad:

The material (stone, metal, etc.), the desired finish (grind, sand, polish), your tool (size, connection, speed, etc.), and your abrasive (backing, size, etc.).

Please refer to our profile options and recommendation chart below for guidance.

  • Low Profile

    • Best for stock removal, aggressive sanding and leveling, and for use in tight areas
    • Pair with a firm foam
  • Standard Profile

    • Best for finish and conformance and for use in tight areas
    • Pair with a soft foam
  • Slant Profile

    • Contour sanding and feather edging
    • Pair with a medium or firm foam
  • Flex Profile

    • Diskit's unique design
    • Best for contouring and feather edging
    • Pair with medium or firm foam

Pad Replacement

Replace the pad when there are bald spots or if there is damage to the foam or surface, inconsistent sanding, or less effective sanding.

Typically pads should be replaced every month if used on a regular basis at high performance. Semi-regular usage could see replacement every 3-6 months. If used on light or infrequent applications, the pad may last over a year.

Visit our Recycle page to learn how to dispose of your Diskit pad .

Replace Pad