DISKIT pads are available with hook, vinyl and canvas faces

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Improve sander performance and pad durability with DISKIT professional back-up pads.

We are the original and only manufacturer of DISKIT brand sanding back-up pads—designed and built for true professionals. For example, to ensure great strength and durability we always use solid magnesium backer plates for our 5/8-11 female thread connection pads (and frequently for other pad designs). Our low profile pads feature only the highest quality fiberglass backer plate. All materials we use are selected to deliver unsurpassed durability and "feel." We do not use plastic.

In addition, we use state-of-the-art technology to manufacture and test our top quality pads. Our proprietary pad formulations, developed by our chemists, have provided superior durability and precision sanding, grinding and polishing control in many industries since 1963.


DISKIT pads are available with hook, vinyl and canvas faces.

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DISKIT Professional Back-up Pads

The following is a partial listing which includes our most popular pads. Contact us for information about additional products.


5/8-11 Connection


3-MT Connection



5/16-24 Connection


M-8 Connection


Diskit: professional back-up pads

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